Yard Care and Consulting done by Professionals.

The Landscaping and Yard Care service provided is not just another lawn care package, but knowledge, education, and dedication behind every service!

You dont just hire a guy with wrenches to fix your car....you go to a trained mechanic.  Your yard deserves the same treatment. 
Horizon holds formal education in Professional Turf Management, soil principals
, fertility/chemical uses, and plant/lawn diseases. 

How it all started.....

Meeting 'the' girl in the mountains of Kananaskis, AB and following her back to her home town of Saskatoon, allowed me to fall in love, not only with her, but the area.

With my education and training, I have always had this tickle in the back of my head to start a yard care business with a quality and background that is not offered from any others.

The lazy, sloppy idea of naming a business to be seen first in the phone book, or simply after two peoples initials was not the way I wanted to start my business!

The name 'Horizon' came from thinking about what it was that stood out with my new home town .....and that was the wide open skies of Saskatchewan. 

Horizon just sounded perfect for a new, educated yard service ready to burst into the Saskatoon area market.

With the blessing and support of my amazing wife, we took the leap to start Horizon and are so happy we did!   

Why Us

- University of Guelph, ON

Assoc. Diploma in Turfgrass Mngt.


Diploma in Golf Operations

-Applicators training course with SIAST

Over 15 years managing professional turf conditions and residential / commercial yards.