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Lawn Care

Bringing Quality back to Yard Care Services

- We don't just 'stop and mow your grass'At Horizon, we have our eyes open and put efforts forward.

When is the last time your Roots and Soil were inspected by a professional?

- Lush green grass isn't always the sign of healthy turf.  Make sure your lawn is at its peak condition heading into the winter season.


Do your sprinklers run this efficiently and smooth?

- Get your irrigation looked at and clean out!
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My wife is a Physio Therapist with LifeMark. Not only do they display and sell local art work, but have been more than accommodating to display my business cards and great source of physical aid to the local community.
A great example of a local, hometown business that treats you like friends and family is Earlys.  If its not your regular 'go-to' for gardening, pet, farming needs...then make it your regular stop!